July 8, 2010

A Day Together in Downtown Grand Junction

On Scott's first day here we spent a little time in the downtown area of Grand Junction.

We started our day with a little hand holding, and lunch at Main Street Bagels (where Scott beat the person taking our order and won a free chocolate vegan cookie!).

After lunch we did a little antique shopping. The area has really great antique shops, filled with pretty treasures (lots of Pyrex). We didn't end up buying anything, but we had fun looking.

While out walking around we spotted this marquee sign for an upcoming show and had to take a picture to send to Scott's younger brother:

He's just too cute, and also very matchy matchy with the sign.

We ended our adventure with coffee from my favorite local coffee shop, Roasted!

Scott and I have been having a really amazing week together, and I am so happy and thankful that he is here. He is truly my soul mate, and I feel so lucky to have in my life.

Ok, time to get back to watching Anthony Bourdain together!



  1. OOOHHHH!!! I so vividly remember that stained glass window up there (the one with da triangles)!! Thank you for the sweet little flash back to my childhood :)

  2. What a lovely day! Antique shopping, coffee, and Anthony Bourdain, hello perfection! :)

  3. I am pretty sure there is a law about being that adorable..

  4. aww my maiden name was Underwood and I always smile when I see an Underwood typewriter!

  5. Adie- Did you live in GJ once?

    Liz- So do I!

    Casey- Indeed, it was a lovely day!

    Kevi- Awwwh, haha you're too sweet!

    Suki- I love that!