July 23, 2010

DIY Cold Brewed Coffee

The other day I stumbled upon this post on DIY cold brewed coffee. Being a true coffee lover, and someone who is also dealing with immense heat lately I said "hey, I can do that too." So I followed this simple recipe, and the outcome was a delicious brew of yummy iced coffee. I do have to warn you though, the recipe doesn't make very much, so I double the ingredients so I would have more than just one cup of it (in the end I had about three or four).

Here are a few pictures from when I was making the iced coffee (just to show you how easy it was):

After I coarsely grounded the right amount of coffee, and added it to the suggested amount of water, I put it all in a cut open plastic water jug (really wish I had a glass jar at that moment) and covered it with a paper towel and rubber band and let it rest for the night.

In the morning the coffee mixture looked like this:

Then I filter it using my pour-over, but use can filter it any way you want.

After the mixture was done filtering it waited to be added to my cup of iced:

And finally it was done, iced coffee:

Also, I do suggested enjoying this yummy drink with a good breakfast, or afternoon snack!

If anyone decides to make iced coffee using this recipe, please let me know how it turns out!

Have a lovely Friday everyone!


  1. Oh my goodness. I'm too lazy to do that. ;) Grabbing your button. :)

  2. Chelsey- You can do it! It's super simple :] & thank you!