July 13, 2010

Hotel Closet Chats

I just got done chatting with my love on Skype. I decided to sit in our hotel closet so I would have a bit of privacy, and so I wouldn't be echoing the whole time (bathrooms are the worst for that).

What are you up to tonight?

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  1. Hehe that's actually a great idea!

    I'm about to go to bed.. it's already midnight here and I should have gone to sleep a while ago...

  2. Holly- I always stay up much later than I should. I have a hard time going to bed at a reasonable hour!

  3. dang, your hair just made me feel quite jealous. So pretty!

  4. Natalie- Awwh, haha thanks pretty lady!

  5. Haha, that's genius! I always wandered through the hallways talking to Ryan when I was on vacation. The bathroom definitely is a no-go...closet is perfect!