July 28, 2010

I'm A Morning Person

I truly am a morning person. I love getting up early, making coffee, and breakfast, and enjoying them together. I love watching the morning news, and browsing blogs, and tweets that I had missed while sleeping.

The early morning is really my time of day, and I wouldn't trade it for a thing.

I'm off for a mid-morning adventure! Here's to hoping I score something cute at the local antique store.

Oh, and Carly is hosting a sweet giveaway on her blog!



  1. i am totally a morning person too! i'm glad i'm not alone! by the way...i've added your cute new blog button to my blogroll! i heart your blog! =)

  2. I'm trying to become more of a morning person and less of a night owl. I adore getting up and going for a run in the mornings, though.

  3. Mmm, I love mornings! You get so much done while everyone else is asleep!

  4. What time are you usually up?

    I'm am so not a morning person and struggle every morning!

  5. I wish I were more of a morning person. I need to make that change!

    I just made a new blog and put a link to your blog on the side, is that ok? I hope so! Your blog is so adorable :) (My new blog is http://kristineclaghorn.blogspot.com/)

  6. Ah I WISH I was a morning person! Haha.

  7. yay! fellow early birds!

  8. Cal- Thank you so much! You're too sweet :]

    Chelsea- I'm partially a night owl as well, in the sense that I can stay up super late reading blogs haha

    Lauren- Agreed!

    Sofia- In the summer I usually get up between seven and eight, but during the school year I get up around six. :]

    Kristine- Of course you can add it! Thank you for doing so :] I will check out your new blog right now! :]

    Holly- Hahah you can do it!

    .- :]