July 19, 2010

Minolta X-700 - Thrifted

Recently, I picked up this beauty for $5 in a thrift store in Gunnison, Colorado.

According to a few different google searches this lady was the top of the line in her day, and currently goes anywhere from $100-200 on the interweb. Did I mention that I bought it with film already in it? Well, I did. I plan on getting it developed and I'm hoping for some neat vintage pictures.

What has been your best score while out thrifting recently?



  1. So jeal! You'll have to show us if the photos turn out!

  2. That's absolutely amazing! (like seriously) You have to post the pictures from the film when they are developed!!!


  3. I purchased a Kodak Instamatic x35f camera. But came to find out that film cartridges for this bad boy are no longer made. Oh well. Still really cool for only $1!

  4. Amazing! Please post the pictures if they turn out good! What an amazing find!! I really hope it works!

  5. that is awesome.
    such an amazing find.

  6. Soooo lucky! You always find great cameras, I'm jealous!

  7. Liz- Promise to do so!

    Sanchez- I for sure will :]

    Biscuit- Oh, I actually have two of those that I bought a few years back! I really wish that they still made the film for them too!

    Fashionista- Thank you!

    Heather- I really hope it works as well! Promise to post pictures!

    Holly- :]

    CA- Seriously!

    Gee- Thank you doll!

    Cara-Mia - Haha thanks girl!

    Jazmyn- Thank you!