July 4, 2010

Monday Favorites Week 2

Happy, happy Monday! Today has been a very happy day! Earlier I picked up Scott from the airport and we've been spending a lot of quality time together since (coffee dates, thrifting, taking pictures, etc). As promised though, here is a list of my Monday favorites. Enjoy!

Beautiful summer flowers.

Vintage bicycles around town.

Vintage records!

Iced soy lattes.

Veggie soup!

All photos are my own.

What are some of your current favorites?

Chelsea ( and Scott).


  1. I am really loving black jeans right now (even though it's Summer they work here in the NW!) And another fave, lemonade of course!

  2. even though it's just a teeny tiny balcony garden, i've been LOVING watching my plants grow and sometimes even fail. so far my tomato and lavender plants are doing SO well. my yummy peppers aren't doing so well (but i think that's because of the heat, too). it's still super fun to watch them go from little green leafy things to pretty, blooming flowers and then to the veggies/fruits once they mature!

    oh and also i've been doing a TON of knitting :) (as usual haha)

  3. oh the bikes! and the flowers!
    i'd say those are my favorites too :)

    i'm so glad you're reunited with scott!

  4. I adore yellow roses! I'm currently loving my bicycle & riding it all over town. It's nice to not have an annoying car.

  5. Lovely pictures, especially the vinyl and bikes. Some of my favorites at the moment are iced coffee, my new boots, and thrift stores. :)

  6. Mm, the soup. You find the best places to eat! Either that or you just take wicked pictures, but either way, I usually start recipe-hunting after I read your blog.