July 22, 2010

Nostalgic Moment (couldn't help myself)

"You are the smell before rain, you are the blood in my veins"-Brand New

While Scott was visiting we listened to all of Brand New's CDs on shuffle during one of our drives. Just a minute ago I saw this post on Sarah's blog that was devoted to Brand New and instantly a wave of emotions overwhelmed me. Maybe I'm just emotional in general tonight, but this line always gets me. So beautiful, and dark in its own way.



  1. I love Brand New and that's one of my favorite lines. The other day I came across a beautiful tattoo with those lyrics and immediately started playing them on my iPod. Hope you have a good night darling<3

  2. Vanny-There was a beautiful Brand New tattoo on Sarah's post. I just love them so much!
    Night love!

  3. yay! I just started listening to Brand New. I'm hooked for life.

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  5. Brand New is by far, one of my favorites. I almost got "my tongue is the only muscle of my body that works harder than my heart" tattooed on me before :)

  6. i love brand new, they are so good

  7. Finally having a cd player in my car, I've dug out all my old cds, and I listen to Deja Entendu allll the time now! ♥ Such a great band, and I'm right there with you, with the nostalgia trip! x

  8. Liz- Oh, I'm so glad!

    Josh- I might have to pass. Thank you for the invite though :]

    Liz- Ohhh, that's a good line :]

    Carly- Agreed! One of my favorites!

    Sam- How great! Lovvve them!

  9. awe i love this post!!! i know what you mean about getting emotional that whole cd EVERY song and every line is just amazing and gets to me! its amazing! :D