July 21, 2010

School Supplies for a College Senior

This morning my cousin asked me if I could drive him to the mall so he could do some school supply shopping for his niece (he really is such a good uncle). While waiting for him I decided to do a little school shopping myself. I honestly tried to fight the urge and to just wait until I got back to Arizona, however, I let the excitement and paper nerd in me take over and I ended up getting almost everything I need for the semester.

The goods: three folders (1 for each class I have this semester), standard college ruled notebook, cute woodgrain college ruled notebook, sharpie pens (the only pens I use anymore, they work super well I'm trying to jot down notes at record speed), Mumford & Sons CD (because I just couldn't help myself, Rhodia mini black notebook (I bought Scott a orange one awhile back and I wanted a matching one), and finally a elephant lunch-bag. Now, you may same I'm silly for getting such a whimsical lunch-bag, but I really like having fun ones, as I carry it every day, and this one was a good price, is made out of nice wet-suit material, and came with a ice pack!

When I get back home I might find myself picking up a few more supplies i.e. cute notebooks, but for now I am good and happy.

Have you gone shopping for school supplies yet? Do you like to shop for them even though you're not in school anymore?



  1. where did u get that lunch pack?? it's quite cute! I'm never able to find cute ones..


  2. I love your folders!! I lovelovelove to buy school supplies! I'm not in school, but I teach, so i get to pick out stuff for my students and myself! And on the school's dime! So it's absolutely fantastic! This year I went with the other teacher in my department and got so many fun things for my students (including dry erase boards, colorful markers, and fun word games like bananagrams!) and a few cute notebooks and a planner for myself!

  3. I have a hello kitty lunch bag...and I am not in college anymore...

  4. i always want to load up on lovely school supplies (one of my favorite things to buy!) but its a shame you never really need them in art school! i love all of the prints, though!


  5. Your lunch bag is adorable! I absolutely love school supplies, I can spend hours in office supplies stores finding new pens, notebooks, etc.. :)

  6. yesterday i bought a planner, spiffy pens and notebooks! i'm so excited for school to start.

  7. now i can't wait to shop for new supplies!
    folders/binders are my favorite thing to buy.

  8. Oh! I am such a sucker for school supplies. I get jealous when my sister goes and gets all kinds of cute things... But hey! I am taking a couple art classes this fall so I think it is totally necessary to go out and splurge!

  9. i just got the mumford and sons cd yesterday...its flawless

  10. I love school supplies! I think I'm only taking two classes this semester, but I know I'll still pick up a few things. I want to try Sharpie pens, they sound great!

  11. i LOVE love love school supplies and I graduated from college 6 years ago! i don't have kids yet, but when i do they will think i'm a maniac (unless they love supplies as much as i do ;) )

  12. Cuuuuuuute! I am in love with every single one of those pieces, especially the elephant :) I still love going school supplies shopping. I have to get a new work tote for my internship because my current one is bursting at the seams and I'm SO excited to go shopping! Ryan also just bought a new messenger bag (after his got stolen out of his car!) and a new planner and I'm super jealous. New planners are my fave :) :) :)

  13. Awesome! Where did you get that stuff from? Target? I'm going to the States in a few weeks and I'm excited to hit up a Target. Is that one line still in stock? Liberty of London? Or did I completely miss it... haha.

  14. Also I just downloaded some Mumford and Sons...SO beautiful. Love them!!

  15. Jaime- Thank you!

    Jacquline- I actually got it at Target :]

    Stephanie- I think it's so neat that you got to go school supply shopping for your students! That would be so much fun!

    Kata...-Haha, I have one too (it's metal)

    Kaelah- If you're in art school I would think you could pick up some pretty supplies (even if you don't always get to use them). PS typography books, pretty papers, and paints are my favorite supplies! Jealous you get to use them all the time haha

    Casey- So can I!

    Katrina- Mine too! It's so much fun buying cute new folders!

    Ashley- You totally should! Where are you taking the classes at?

    Jasmin- Agreed :]

    Suki- Oh I hope they do :]

    Kara- Where are you looking into buying a new tote at?

    Holly- Yes, everything is from Target! None of the supplies are LOL, but they still might have a few things in clearance from that line :] Hope you can find some!

    Kara- YAY It's wonderful!

  16. I bought a pretty new one at Target :) I think I'll photo it soon for the blog. Who doesn't love Target?