July 4, 2010

Thank You a Million Much

Recently I recieved some very sweet packages from far away friends, and a very nice Etsy shop owner. When I got all four of the packages I was instantly overwhelmed, and very thankful for having such sweet online friends. This morning I thought I would share with you what I received.

First, the very sweet Cara-Mia sent me an amazing package filled with handmade journals, and extra sweet stationary notes.

(Andy Warhol stationary? How amazing!)

The second package was from Courtney of Dolly and Boy (a recent giveaway hostess). Courtney sent me a lovely note, and one of her beautiful twig necklaces.

The third package was from Sarah of Oh My Deer Love. Sarah sent me a many beautiful items from her shop, but unfortunately I was too excited that I forget to photograph everything except the amazing golden rose headband (silly me).

The fourth, and final package was from Elise Blaha of the Enjoy it blog. A few weeks ago I ordered a handmade paper journal from Elise's shop, and was thoroughly excited when I received it. The inside is filled with beautiful papers, and envelopes. The last few days I have been art journaling in it, and I promise to share my progress in it soon.

As mentioned before, I am overwhelming greatly for the kindness of all of my blog friends, and can only hope that I can make someones day like these ladies made mine. Thank you so much ladies!

Ok, time to get back to my soy latte at Back Country Coffee. It's my last day here, and tomorrow I will be back in Scott's arms. Today honestly couldn't get better.

Happy 4th of July!



  1. Glad you liked the package! & wow, looks like you've had good mail luck lately. :)

  2. wow. You're so lucky
    all the little packages are so neatly wrapped.

    Those gifts are beautiful! :D I love the rose.

  3. these are awesome--online friends are the best :)