July 11, 2010

An Update- A Coffee A Day Project

Back in May I blogged about the Coffee A Day Project that Scott and I decided to do. Since then we have kept the project going strong, and have continued taking photos even while he was here in Colorado visiting me.

A soy lattee & americano in Paonia, CO (on one of the coldest mornings this summer).

An iced americano, and a hot americano in Grand Junction, CO (in a cute little shop downtown).

An iced americano, and a hot americano in Ridgeway, CO (in a tiny coffee shop).

Hot coffee in Grand Junction, CO (in a mid-century modern themed restaurant)

Hot coffee in Grand Junction, CO (in the middle of a river).

This project has been a lot of fun, and I can't wait to continue it and see where our coffee takes us.



  1. what a neat idea! and I would LOVE to drink coffee in the middle of a river!

  2. Mmm coffee. I love this project, Chelsea! I remember you would always ask me which kind of coffee I brought to class. You have a fetish!

  3. What a cute project! It's so interesting to see what you guys order & where you drink it. :) How clever.

  4. i commend your dedication and upkeep! so fantastic :D

  5. Suki- It was awesome! :]

    Paige- Haha, I did! I love coffee way too much!

    Cara-Mia- Thank you! I'm glad you like the project!

    Kaelah- Thank you so much! :]