August 9, 2010

Adventure in Logan, UT!

Today I went on a little adventure in Logan, Utah.

Down the street from where we usually stay is a cute bakery that has the loveliest flower garden behind their building.

When I went around 3 'oclock the bakery was already closed, hence no pretty pastry photos. However, I did spend some time wandering around their parking lot and the flower garden behind their building.

I spotted these, as well as three or four other crates full of pretty used bottles that I am assuming they are recycling. I kind of have a weakness for pretty bottles.

Anyways, directly behind the building is this pretty field:

The field is filled with all different kinds of pretty wildflowers, most of which I was tempted to pluck and take home (I didn't of course!).

(see the butterfly!)

Directly behind the field is a walking path that has quite a few treasures of it's own.

(secret treehouse!)

All in all it was a lovely adventure and I am so glad to finally have photographed this area (I've been seriously thinking about it for years now).

Have you been on any adventures lately? Nature walks?



  1. how fun. jealous that you are in such nice weather. sams sister used to live in logan, ut. ive been once, but i dont remember it :)

  2. Anita- It's lovely here! The weather was beautiful today! How neat though that Sam's sister used to live here. It's a pretty place :]

  3. Pretty!!!!! I would have totally taken a bottle or two. We like to put flowers in our used bottles around here, and we call it "shabby chic" :)

    Can't wait till you're back!

  4. wow those flowers are beautiful!! and I love the photo of the old railroad tracks. so pretty <33

  5. I just got home from Vermont and the scenery is so amazing. Jake & I took lots of nature walks there. :)

  6. i recieved my mountain love necklace in the mail yesterday + your cute little card. you're sweet. thankyou!! xo.

  7. oh, such pretty flowers. oh, and you're so cute!

    haha, looks like a fun little walk!

  8. Looks like that was a lot of fun! I also have a love for pretty bottles. I have a hard time getting rid of any, haha!