August 22, 2010

Black Should be Worn All Year Long

One of the many reasons that I love Gina Marie: She wears black even on hot summer days (just like me).

By the way, it feels so good to be reunited with all of my friends, especially Gina. Love you girl!



  1. I wear black almost everyday, it's my favorite. And congrats on the Downtown Dispatch blog, that's so exciting! :)

  2. i wear black during the summer too. black shirt and jeans are worn all year long! i don't know what i'll do tomorrow as it will be 90 degrees, though. ugh.

  3. I'm not sure if I can wear too much black. I love to wear lots of bright colors and patterns :], but you two are so cute!

  4. your blog is really something special.
    I am enlightened by all of the loveliness each photo has to offer.
    Thanks for the inspiration!
    happy blogging x x

  5. love love love wearing all black! luckily, i can dress that way at work! i am feeling very Kelly Cutrone inspired for this fall/winter, too!

  6. Oh Chelsea Ellen, I love you too! :) I'm so excited for fall/winter and all the fun happenings we'll partake in. My heart missed you all summer. I'm so glad to have you back <3

  7. Casey- Thank you so much! :]

    Liz- Haha I know what you mean! Black is just my favorite though!

    Jada- I think you dress so cute! I kind of wish I wore a few brighter colors sometimes :]

    Lauren- Thanks so much for the sweet compliment!

    Suki- Haha, I am too! She's the bees knees!

    Gina- YAY I am so excited as well. I am sooo happy to be home so we can share more adventures. Lovve you<3