August 2, 2010

Boba Tea in Wyoming

Good morning! It's 7 a.m. in Wyoming and I'm wide awake. I was hoping to post this little blog last night, but after the family like dinner, having a raging stomach ache from eating too much homemade brownies and ice cream (who knew there was a limit on that?), and an hour or so of American Pickers, I was just too tired aka I fell asleep on the couch until 2 a.m. and just couldn't finish the blog. Anyways, here I am with a little blog on boba tea in Wyoming. Thats right, they make boba tea in Wymonig. Who would have guessed? Certainly not me!

Here's a little background for this story:
Last year on the second to last day I was in Wyoming my cousin and I went to the "mall" with my mom. The "mall" is about the size of a Target and has stores such as a DMV for the state of Wyoming. Anyways, while walking around the tiny area we noticed a boba tea store, a legit one. Feeling amazed and unsure if the situation was real (who really thought you could find boba tea in Wyoming?) my cousin and I proceeded into the store, and each got a tea, he a green apple smoothie boba, and I a regular boba tea of some sort.

So when I knew that I was going to Wyoming a few weeks ago, the first place I knew I had to go to was the boba tea place in the mall. Boba is something that I miss a lot from home, and I was excited to be able to get that little piece of home somewhere else.

For my first round (yes, I said first round) I had a honeydew boba smoothie.

For my second round of the day (after I got one everyone in my family just had to have one as well), I just got a plain black with boba in it (highly recommend). Pictured below is two black tea bobas, and one strawberry banana boba smoothie.

Having some boba was like having a little piece of home right there with me in Wyoming. I can't wait until I can get boba at my favorite place in Mesa (The Streets).

Have you ever tried boba before? Do you like it? If so, what's your favorite flavor?


  1. Mmmm. There was this Boba place in Denver we would always go to and it was delicious. The Thai tea one was delicious as well as the peach!
    P.S. American Pickers is like the best show ever!

  2. I usually get jasmine green tea. I don't ask for the boba [pearls] anymore, usually the pudding! :) There are a ton of places here, but the trend has died down quite a bit.

  3. I do love it! I love chewing on those little tapioca pearls. Mmm now I want some :)

  4. I haven't tried it, but it looks like I should. Cute and delicious?! Perfection.

  5. I've just recently gotten into boba and I love love love it. That honeydew boba smoothie looks delish! I've only ever had it with a smoothie or slushie, never tea. Hmm.

  6. I never guessed they sold Boba in Arizona either until I moved here recently lol!

  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE boba. Of any kind :)

  8. Honeydew boba teas are definitely my favorite. I wish there was a place in downtown Phoenix that sold them!

  9. If you ever make it to Kansas City search out TEA DROPS and get a thai coconut lassi [ahhhmazing]. I recently moved back to South Dakota and there is NO boba here. A sad tale...