August 23, 2010

Back at the Grind

Today was Scott and I's first full day back at the grind aka the life of a busy college student. I thought I would post a few photos of what we wore, ya know, because mom wasn't there to bug me to take those first day of school photos like she did when I was young (or maybe I made her take them because I liked to).

Myself: Flowy white top, Darlingtonia bow belt, dark jeans, new Orla Kiely school bag, and Minnetonka moccasins.

Scott: grey shirt, dark jeans, and brown boat shoes (he also carried around his new North Face backpack).

Scott thought my bag would look good with this outfit (since he didn't have his backpack handy).

Have you gone back to school yet? What are you majoring in? Did you/are you going to plan out your first day outfit?



  1. your back to school outfits are just adorable! : )
    i haven't gone back yet. i actually took pretty much the whole previous semester off, because when i started i thought i wanted to do teaching.
    but then i realized that i like being kids best friend, not their disciplinarian. ha.
    so after a lot of thought, i'm going back to one of my original ideas: cosmetology school.
    i'm calling paul mitchell tomorrow to set up my appt. to tour.
    and will hopefully be starting sept. 27!
    as far as my outfit for the first day, i have no idea yet.
    i just know we have to wear all black clothes. not sure about accessories.

    : ) i basically wrote you a novel. ha. sorry!

  2. awww, you look so pretty. white looks really good against your buttery hair :)

    i'm going back to school for the first time in quite a few college as well and i'm getting a little nervous/excited! moreso excited :) i haven't planned my back to school first day outfit yet haha but i am excited to go 'back to school' shopping (if i can) just because it will be fall clothes i am shopping for and not summer, i am so over summer. anyway, you also asked what people are majoring in, i'm taking executive office adminstration and management! woooo

  3. Love your first day outfit, Chelsea! I always loved seeing what you wore every day. I don't start until the 1st, but I'm thinking of some sort of blouse tucked into shorts with sandals. And now I'm a creative writing major. :)

  4. I want that belt! so cute. I started back last Wednesday and actually did have my first day outfit planned out but due to rain I opted for my comfy jeans and converse paired with a basic tank and cute scarf. My major is journalism with an emphasis in Public Relations and a minor in Political Science. :) Hope your school year goes great!

  5. you two are so cute! i went back to school yesterday, majoring in criminology. i had a cute dress picked out to wear, but fell back on my favorite jeans and a black top with a necklace from my best friend! oh, i joined the newspaper today! i'm so excited to write again! i did it in high school.

  6. I hate to say it Chelsea, but I think Scott looks better with your bag! Hahaha. Too funny. I love your bag, actually. Don't tell me, from Target? Or some other place they only have in the States? Ugh. Haha! Good luck with school!