August 16, 2010

Giant Coffee, Take 1

While out shopping for books for school, Scott and I stopped by a fairly new coffee shop in downtown Phoenix called Giant Coffee.

Over the last month or so I've heard great things about Giant via Twitter from local Phoenix peeps, and I have to say that I was in no way disappointed with what I found.

Giant has a really great vibe, and Scott and I both agreed that their decor was very chic and eye appealing. We both really dug all the white, and all the wooden pieces they have. On a side note, if you're a Phoenix local, or have ever visited the area and have gone to Matt's Big Breakfast before, you would be happy to know that Giant Coffee is owned by the same people who opened Matt's!

Also, did I mention that the ever so cute Bunk Boutique is located in the same building as well? Well, it is!

While at Giant Scott and I enjoyed some good coffee (americano for him, non-fat latte for me), and also shared two different baked goods.



  1. this place looks great, i need to check it out!

  2. Next time I'm in town I'm going to have to get a huge list of "where to go" places from you. =)

  3. Have you ever thought of opening up your own coffee shop?

  4. i really wish there were more small coffee shops around here! all of these coffee shops you go to seem so amazing and cute! i must visit arizona!!

  5. Rikki- You so do!

    Cal- I would love to write you a list :] Just let me know when you're coming!

    Holly- Awwh, I have :] It would be a lot of fun, but very different from what I plan on doing now. I think it could be in Scott and I's future though :]

    Sarah- You SOO need to come to AZ! I promise to take you around to all my favorite coffee shops :]