August 12, 2010

I'm Home and I'm Alive!

Oh my, have I really gone two whole days without blogging? Yes, I am quite sure that I have. In all honesty though, I've been busy enjoying home and I don't feel bad at all for taking the little time away to spend time with Scott, my grandma, and exploring/loving my city.

Here's a little overview of the last three days:

Tuesday- Flew from Salt Lake City, UT to Phoenix, AZ on a 2 o'clock flight. Had dinner with Scott, my grandma, and my cousin and her fiance at Liberty Market (my favorite!). Spent the rest of the evening with my love, chatting about how happy we both were that I am finally home.

Wednesday- Scott and I ate grandma's famous pancakes for breakfast (I seriously missed those), then went to a meeting for my internship. Afterwards I had new tires put on my car (first time since I got my car almost three years ago, eck!), then had a lovely lunch at Pita Jungle, and did a little shopping at Tempe Marketplace.

Today- State Press Camp for the entire morning, plus a little portion of my afternoon. Time spent chatting with my love, then coffee and pastries at Lola, followed by a quick sandwich dinner. The rest of the evening was spent chatting at Merry May Handmade/Butter Toast with one of my favorite PHX crafty girls, Ashley!

Ok, I feel like we're all caught up now! Before I go however, here are a few photos of the last few days (will share more later):

It's 11:11 p.m. now and I do believe it's time for bed. Night!


  1. I love the photo of you guys in the car! I really enjoy going on drives with my boy, listening to music & talking. It's so fun. Did your belt arrive yet?

  2. welcome back, the desert missed you!

  3. Welcome home!! Enjoy sleeping in your own bed. Such a nice feeling after being away!

  4. You always go hunting for good places to eat! I need to head over there and visit all the cafes/restaurants you love.

  5. Yay! I am sooo glad you are back. Thanks so much for coming by on Thursday. You and Scott inspire me so much and I can't wait to do more crafty/bloggy things with you! Woo!

  6. Fashionista- Thank you!

    Katie- Awh, thanks darling :] PS I have received the box, but it's currently in possession of my mom (she got the mail the morning after I left), but she said that she will be sending it to me on Monday :] Promise to blog about it!

    Rikki- Awwwwh haha thanks girl! Lets get coffee or something soon!

    Thursday- Thanks pretty lady :] Its been so nice to be home!

    Jada-YES! I would love that :]

    Ashley- It was SO good to see you! We love chatting about crafting adventures! So excited for all of our cute plans :]

  7. Sounds like a fun few days! Love the photos.