August 19, 2010

A Little Art a Day Keeps the Doctor Away...

You may, or may not know that Scott and I are art enthusiasts, and enjoy roaming around the local art galleries and museums. The other day Scott and I decided to visit the Phoenix Art Museum to specifically look at the Cezzane exhibit, but also to stay out of the heat for a few hours and see some pretty art.

Here are a few photos from our trip:

This piece was actually done by a PAM employee! How amazing!

Pretty sure this was Scott's favorite piece of the day. He even bought a postcard with this painting on the front.

Scott, taking a break while enjoying a view of the city. Notice the art piece of the walking man and women in the middle.

Our view...I spy Giant Coffee, Bunky Boutique, and ASU downtown.

Lastly, one of the largest, and most interesting piece of art that we saw that day:

Do you like checking out art galleries and museums? Which ones are your favorite?


  1. I love the ice cream photo too.

  2. I love going to the museums at Balboa Park in San Diego. They're amazing! This reminds me that I haven't gone in a couple of months. Hmm.

    Love those last two photos especially.

  3. I LOVE art museums! You are so lucky you have someone to go with you! My husband doesn't like them much at all. Real bummer.

    Oh and yesss I will get you an address as soon as I get one and know I will be there longer than a month!

  4. I lived minutes from this place for over a year and never went! Once a year they have a floral show and I really wanted to go to that. :) MN has some good art museums.

  5. I always loved art but since I started dating an artist I get the insiders scoop on all of the galleries! I feel so fortunate. One of my favorites is Pravus on the corner of 5th st. and Roosevelt. He shows there so I am a little biased, but still, always an awesome show up! Do you ever go out for 3rd Fridays? All of the galleries are open so it's First Friday's without the mass amount of chaos. It's tonight too :)

  6. the pam has gotten to be such an amazing art museum over the last 10 years or so. i am always impressed when i go, the vintage clothing selection and my favorite part the Phillip C. Curtis wing. His stuff is fantastic, and he was a founding memeber of the pam. neat!

  7. I love art musuems. Sadly, the only local one I know of is about 30 minutes away and the boy and I occasionally go. I'd love to start finding new places and taking in all the great art! :)

    xo! Ash

  8. I looooove that last piece of art! Whoa. I want that on my bedroom wall! Haha. So amazing. :)