August 15, 2010

Lola Coffee Date

As mentioned before, the other day Scott and I had a little pre-dinner coffee date at one of my favorite coffee shops in downtown Phoenix, Lola Coffee.

Lola has the sweetest pastries, and awesome drinks. The shop is located a few streets down from my school, so it is a local haunt for me, especially during the school year (which is starting super soon!). This time Scott and I both enjoyed americanos (his hot, mine iced), and we shared a mini cupcake, and shortbread cookie.

To me, Lola has a super sweet vibe and is always a nice place to sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee. They have a really neat record player in the corner of the room that is always playing something good, and the staff is always friendly.

What's your favorite coffee shop like?


  1. i love coffee dates with the boy! this looks like so much fun. my favorite coffee place is this place called doma in the west village. you can get coffee or wine or little snacks, and its so chill and quiet. i love places in NYC where you dont feel like you're being eyed or pushed out the door.. its hard to find


  2. NYC Lu- Oh my, the being pushed out the door is the same in Phoenix, especially in the popular places in downtown. Lux on Central is the worst, but I always feel calm and relaxed at Lola. I will have to check out that coffee shop when I go to NYC next!

  3. I love those distressed tables there