August 28, 2010

The Loveliness that was Friday

Yesterday was quite the lovely day! Scott and I started our morning with a trip to Cartel Coffee Lab in Tempe to meet Courtney of Dolly and Boy. Courtney and I have been tweeting, emailing, and writing letters to one another for a few months now and it was awesome to finally meet her in person (she recently moved back to the Phoenix area from LA). Sadly, I did not get a picture with her (next time!), but I did snap a few shots of Scott and I's coffee before Courtney arrived.

The rest of Scott and I's afternoon was spent running around Phoenix (promise to share more details when I can, as I was scoping out places for my next few Downtown Dispatch blogs), and eating a super yummy lunch at Pita Jungle (a local healthy/veggie friendly restaurant that has the best berry iced tea around).

Scott and I also had the most wonderful night. We got iced tea at Coffee Bean with Gina and her friend Sebastian, and then went down to Marquee theater for the free Artists for Action show (a show that was put on to promote voting in the November election). While there I actually signed a form to have Willie Nelson (more like a recording of him) call me on the 2nd of November (my half birthday!) to remind me to vote!

I also ran into/finally met some of the most lovely people including one of my editors and friends Erica, my new friend Chanelle, one of my super sweet pen pals Elisa, and Anita whom I've been following through her blog and various other internet forms for years!

It was a super fun night and I was really happy to see some of my favorite local musicians i.e. Sam Means (Anita's husband) and Jim Adkins (singer of Jimmy Eat World).

What was your Friday like?


  1. Oh wow! You met so many people! Sounds fun.

    Yesterday I got off of work at 10pm. Brian came down at 11, so we spent a couple of hours together. Today we get to spend more time, so I'm looking forward to that. <3

  2. Aw, that's so cool you got to meet a bunch of people! :) There aren't really too many people that I have met through blogging near me. LoveElycia lives pretty close to me though, maybe half an hour away? But we've never met.

    Last night I slept outside under the stars with my boyfriend and my dog. :)

  3. Awesome Friday! Mine just involved a bunch of therapy, appointments, crying teenage girls and wine night with my bestie <3

  4. It was nice meeting you Chelsea! Glad you had fun last night!


  5. It was great seeing you on Friday! Wish we could've talked more!

    PS ?uestlove from the Roots is calling me. It was a tough decision between him and Willie, lol.

  6. Cara-Mia- I hope you had a lovely weekend with Brian!

    Holly- That sounds perfect! & you totally should reach out to bloggers in your area :]

    Kara- Sounds like a rough night :/

    Ashley- It was SOO nice to meet you! :]

    Erica- Willie is calling me haha