August 18, 2010

Matt's Big Breakfast Take 2

This morning Scott and I went to Matt's Big Breakfast in downtown Phoenix. Matt's is this teeny, tiny breakfast/lunch restaurant that is usually very busy, and serves excellent food. Guy Fierro from The Food Network even visited it once!

Anyways, we got to Matt's around 9 a.m. and were super surprised that we were able to just walk right in and sit down to order (usually the wait is 30 minutes to an hour).

We started our meal with coffee and water, and each ordered a big breakfast for our more than hungry bellies.

Scott's toast and jelly:

My waffle and homefries:

Scott's egg omelete, hashbrowns, and toast & jelly:

The aftermath:

I honestly couldn't finish all of those homefries, but they were delicious.

What's your favorite breakfast spot?


  1. Sounds like a cute little place. :)

    My favorite breakfast spot is in bed, under the covers and still in my pjs. :)

  2. Allie- That's a good place too haha

  3. There's a place called Melanie's in Boone, North Carolina. Every time I'm there I HAVE to make sure I make time to go one morning. It's to die for and takes forever and a day just to decide what to order. Everything always sounds so good! So far my favorite is the stuffed french toast topped with fresh fruit.

    You can check them out:

  4. Caitlin- That sounds like such a neat place :] I've never been to North Carolina before, but hopefully I will get there someday and will for sure have to check out this place! Thank you for sharing :]

  5. the picture of you two drinking your coffees are both just adorable. cutest kids ever!

  6. I love their coffee mugs! It looks adorable in there. My favorite breakfast place is right off of campus where I go to school (Indiana University) and it is called the Runcible Spoon. It's an old house that has been turned into a little cafe. It's darling! They ever have fish in the bathtub of the bathroom! It always startles the newcomers, haha!

  7. in AZ, my favorite breakfast spot has to be Grill in Tucson. YUMMMMM. It's good early in the mornin' or late at night. Good thing they are open 24/7. They are located downtown near the Congress Hotel! Here in Portland, my fave breakfast spot is Pine State Biscuits!! and yes I typed right, a whole place devoted to biscuits and we're not even in the south where I grew up! It's aMazing!

    ps - next time I'm in phx, i'm definitely trying out Matt's! It looks so yummy! What do you think of Delux burgers in Scottsdale? Oh man my mouth is watering at the thought - they are SO delicious!!

  8. Okay, yup, my stomach is now growling.

    I'm going to come down to Arizona sometime and go out for breakfast with you! We will go on a tour of all of the amazing places around you. Maybe I'll even try some coffee? I am NOT a coffee drinker (I'll get a white chocolate peppermint mocha from Starbucks sometimes, but that's it!), but I'm pretty sure if someone was going to convert a person, that person would be you, haha!