August 29, 2010

My New Old Ring

While out and about Friday Scott and I checked out a local vintage spot. I was super impressed by their vintage clothing selection, but even more impressed with their vintage jewelry section.

While looking through the cases I spotted a beautiful selection of black hills gold rings. As mentioned on here before, I am kind of obsessed with all rings, with black hills gold being among my favorite, so I was instantly drawn to them.

Many of them were either too large, or too small for my fingers (my ring fingers are about a 6 3/4). After trying on a few different rings I stumbled upon this one that fit just perfect:

After much debating Scott purchased it for me as a gift and I couldn't be happier! It's going to be my "Fall ring."

I have this sense though that maybe I should give a little background story as to why I love Black Hills Gold so much: a few years ago before my grandmother passed away she gave me a few different Black Hills Gold rings, a bracelet, and a necklace. Since her passing I've cherished each piece that much more, and whenever I look at them I think about her.

Here is one of the rings she gave me next to the one Scott bought me:

Do you wear rings? Do you have a favorite one? If so, do you have a background story behind it?


  1. How pretty! I wear rings occasionally. I, too, have a couple from my passed grandmothers, and I cherish them :)

  2. Those are so beautiful! I absolutely love rings, I wear some each day. My favorite rings are turquoise and sterling silver. :)

  3. those are beautiful. i too am a big fan of that style and actually the ring i wear every single day is similar style (not sure if it's black hills gold as i've never heard of that term before) but it has that native vibe to it...which i adore. you've probably seen it on my blog before, i know i've posted photos of it...and it was in my last vlog. anyway, not much of a story behind it. it was my mums, she gave it to me. she bought when she was about 20 in california.

    i wear it everyday. i just love it so much. also, i am usually wearing 4+ rings on my fingers at any given yes, i love rings! big ones too :)

  4. Those are absolutely beautiful rings and I love how well they go together. They are perfect fall rings, that's for sure. The only ring that I've been able wear for years has been a claddagh ring that my grandma bought for me when she was in Ireland. Anything related to my grandma I hope so dear to me. She's my best friend!

  5. those are so pretty together! i love rings and my favorite is this awesome big tuquoise thing that my dad gave me. it used to be his when he was all into the hippe movement, in the sixties and seventies. plus it fits me really well since I inherited his super-skinny fingers

  6. i love the ring your grandma gave you! gorgeous!
    are you wearing "tickle my france-y??

  7. i love the gray nail polish! that is my new fave nail color right now!

  8. I L-O-V-E those rings. I (almost) always wear my two favorite turquoise rings- one I got in Austin and the other I got at a swap meet in LA.

  9. Those rings are AMAZING! I love the vintage ones with blue in them, so gorgeous.