August 23, 2010

Owl Case for My Mini Instax

The other day I received a super sweet package all the way from Germany! Inside was a cute owl mini instax case that I won from a giveaway that Katja was hosting on her blog.

I'm really excited to have a cute case for my instax, and plan on carrying it around more to capture all of those fun Fall memories!



  1. so cute! i need one for my instax...oh and more film (so expensive!!)

  2. Rikki- I know! Katja is so talented!

    Ashley- haha, thanks girl :]

    Carly- Ahh, I know what you mean about the film :/ haha

  3. Awesome! I still need an Instax, haha! And Katja is the cutest.

  4. Holly- Katja is way too cute! I just love her posts!