August 30, 2010

A Place to Write and Read

Over the summer Scott created this sweet sitting area to house some of our vintage cameras, white collectibles, Scott's handmade lights, and vintage blue two-tuned Smith-Corona typewriter.

Scott built the shelves, jar lights, and table by hand. He also had the area set up before I got home from my summer away. When I finally made it home I was in awe of the little space and un-officially called it my own. It's honestly the perfect spot to pound away on our typewriter, or read for school.

Thank you John Scott for creating me (and you) such a neat space that we both can enjoy. Love you!

Do you have a designated spot in your home where you like to read and write? Did you decorate it with the intention of spending lots of your time there?



  1. oh my... this is just dreamy! i can't wait to set up my typewriters and actually use them! i get giddy just thinking about it! those lights are so fun too!

  2. this is so cool! i have a little spot but it's lonely & has never been photographed...sigh. your little space looks so fun! it's even cooler cause he made it for you. =)

  3. WOW!! This is the best little writing/reading nook! What a cute idea.

  4. this space is absolute perfection, i'm in the process of getting my little "inspiration space" ready. fingers crossed it will be as cool as yours

  5. That is absolutely adorable! I'd spend all of my time sitting there. I collect jars ad mugs, so this is a dream come true. You and John Scott are so creative and you two melt my heart! So cute! <3