August 3, 2010

Salt Water Sandals

I've been wanting a pair of Salt Water Sandals for awhile now. When I was little I believe I had a little white pair (pretty sure I have a Polaroid of them), and my mom for sure had a few pairs when she was little.

When I spotted a blog about them on Katie's blog, I just knew I really had to have them. I feel they are a timeless piece (made first in the 40's from leather scraps for men, women, and children), and are just adorable.

Yesterday a package from Nordstroms came for me in the mail, and inside were these beauties:

I decided to go with the dark brown, and I'm really happy I did because I feel like they will going with everything. I'm really loving the knot detail on the top, and the straps that go around my ankles (not pictured).

If you've been thinking about purchasing a pair of Salt Water Sandals, I highly suggest doing so. They are just lovely, and are cute to boot!

Also, don't forget to enter the Merry May Handmade giveaway! The prizes are super cute, and Ashley's blog is the best!



  1. Thanks a lot, Chelsea. Yet another pair of shoes to covet! They look much better on than one would expect just by looking at them. Love!

  2. I love them!! This post makes me want to order some...

  3. Thanks for posting this! I've been wanting them so bad since seeing them on her blog but all of the stores I've found that carry them only carry them in kids sizes. :( I'll check out Nordstroms for sure! THANKS!<3

  4. Those are soooo cute!! Definitely a great call on the brown, they'll go with everything :)

  5. I looove mine and have worn them since I was a kid too! I have them in black but want them in white and pink too. So comfy & stylish.

  6. These are sooo pretty & look so cute with your red toe nails! :)

  7. Cute! Love your nail polish. :)

  8. never heard of them.. but they are adorable!

  9. Paige- Fellow shoe lover, it's ok! I just know these will soon be your favorite pair of sandals :]

    Holly- You should! They are wonderful sandals, and would look super cute on you!

    Vanessa- Mine were purchased under kid sizes as well, but I just converted the sizes to see what I would wear in kid sizes (a 5 instead of a 7). :]

    Kara- Thanks love!

    Liz- I seriously want a white pair as well! I ordered my grandmother a white pair, and now I need my own! :]

    Jamie- Thank you so much!

    Cara-Mia- Thank you! It's Essie :]

    Emily- Thank you! :]

  10. These are theee cutest sandals I have ever seen! I remember my grandma had some when I was little.. literally timeless! (PS she's quite fashionable if I must say so myself :P) Thanks for sharing love!

  11. ohhh, i forgot about my salt water sandals! gosh, haha. thanks for reminding me. i better go dig them out & wear them before summah ends!

  12. They look so pretty! I love the colour.

  13. I've always thought Salt Water sandals were the cutest... yet I've still not broke down and bought a pair. Are they comfy?

    (I'm a first time commenter... love your photos!)