August 5, 2010

Sweet Letters // Coffee Breath.

Last week I received the sweetest letter from a long time internet friend, Alyssa, of Coffee Breath. Alyssa has the most unique soul, and I just adore her writings.

The letters that Alyssa sent me were a mix of handwritten, and typed (on her vintage typewriter).

The letters honestly were just so lovely, and seemed totally like Alyssa. I just love it when you can truly feel someones personality in their writing, and that is exactly how I felt about these.

Alyssa was also sweet enough to send a vintage picture that she found in an old abandoned house. The picture is kind of magical in my opinion.

It's a birdhouse!

Lastly, on the bottom of the handwritten letter Alyssa included a sweet little water-color coffee cup.

Over the years of being friends I've realized that Alyssa is just as crazy about coffee as I am. I really hope one day we are able to sit down and chat over coconut lattes (Alyssa's fav, and something I must try).

Anyways, I just hard to share these letters, as they truly touched my heart. Hope you don't mind Alyssa!

Also, I highly suggest checking out Alyssa's Tumblr. It's filled with daily inspiration, and lovely stories.



  1. So cute! Definitely going to follow her Tumblr. :)

  2. How sweet. I would love to have a friend like that who writes me letters!

  3. coconut lattes and iced coffees are my new summer drink, sooooo good!!!

  4. Awesome! I love letters and receiving mail. :)