September 14, 2010

Coffee Date & Thankfulness All in One

Today Scott and I went on a little date to the Coffee Bean for free pumpkin spice blended drinks!

After an early morning dr.'s appointment (a very painful one might I add), a long day at my internship, and my grandmother locking her keys in her car (can you say amazing boyfriend to the rescue?!), this little date was much needed, and also much appreciated.

I love my guy and how he always seems to make things better.

What brighten your day today?


  1. so cute, the both of you. i made my first batch of cookies at my new job (pomegranate cafe) and started in on some cake but had to leave due to a migraine. ick! i was thankful my man picked me up because i think the 13 mile bike ride home would not have been pleasant with an exploding head.

  2. Rikki- You're working at Pomegranate? That's awesome! Scott and I have never been, but it's close to his house! We'll have to come visit! Oh, and I'm really glad that your guy came and got you! I hope you're feeling better today<3

  3. Mmm, that sounds so tasty! I think coffee dates are the perfect way to recuperate from a not so amazing day and just relax!

  4. it's nice when bad days have nice endings <3

  5. Stephanie- I totally agree! :]

    Chelsea= Agreed :]

    W/coffee- Thank you so much for the sweet complement<3

  6. Mmm, that sounds so good! How did you manage to get free ones? hehe.

    That was so sweet of Scott to help your grandma out!