September 30, 2010

Downown Dispatch Round-Up

Over the last few weeks I've written about some great restaurants, vintage stores, and coffee shops on my other blog, Downtown Dispatch. For those of you who are new to Tea Talk, or haven't heard, I also blog for State Press/ State Press Magazine at Arizona State University. My blog focuses on all things having to do with downtown Phoenix, and I am constantly encouraging students, and others that read my blog to go out, spend some time in downtown Phoenix, and try something new.

I've included some links to my most recent blogs so that you can check out each article. If you live in the Phoenix Metropolitan area, I also encourage you to get out there and try/check out all of these wonderful places.

Verde- a quick-eats restaurant in downtown that serves yummy Mexican food.

MacAlpines Soda Fountain Shop- This place has literally everything- old school soda fountain, coffee, treats, and vintage goods.

Zinnias and Hollywood Regency- These two antique shops are the perfect place to find your next chic home decor piece, vintage camera, or Mad Men inspired dress.

Hanny's- A chic restaurant and bar located in the heart of downtown Phoenix that has a nifty walk-in elevator shaft, and super swanky bathrooms.

I blog under Downtown Dispatch once a week on Thursdays, so don't forget to check out my new blog post each week!

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