September 10, 2010

Friday Funday

Friday Funday; Scott and I have been saying this phrase all day long. Friday seems to be the day that we get to sleep-in, make breakfast, and go on fun adventures. Today we did all of those things, and tonight I just want to share a few photos of our adventures.

ASU Surplus store

Fun fall crafts!

Vegan meatball sandwich from Green for dinner.

Sweet and sour, crispy tofu dish from Green dinner.

Tomorrow I promise to share more!
Hope you all had a fun Fashion Night Out as well, we know we did!


  1. Oh Green has been on my mind for awhile now! I need to go very soon.

  2. Oh gosh, that surplus store looks amazing! I'm craving one of those desks harddd. :)

    I missed catching up a lot this summer, but I'm happy you and Scott are back in the same spot and continue on your adventures together. You're so strong, pretty bird! <3

  3. Mmmm tofu dinner! I am so obsessed with those Keep Calm posters, got one hanging in my dorm :]