September 11, 2010

FroYo Dates

Scott and I have been going on a frozen yogurt dates lately. Earlier this week we went to Yogurtland on a little date. I had pumpkin pie, and coffee flavored yogurt, topped with mochi, and strawberries (pictured on right), and Scott had pumpkin pie, and cheesecake flavored yogurt with graham cracker, and cheesecake bite toppings (pictured on left).

The pumpkin pie flavor that Yogurtland has right now is amazing, and if you mix it with coffee it tastes just like a pumpkin spice latte!

On Thursday Scott and I also went to Yogurtland with Courtney and her fiance for some froyo and hang-out time. Courtney and her fiance are super sweet, and I'm so glad that we're friends in real life now! I've been wearing my twig necklace that Courtney gave me from her shop,Dolly and Boy, with everything lately (it has a really good Fall vibe to it). If you haven't checked out her shop, I highly suggest that you do!

Do you have a froyo shop in your area? What's your favorite mixture?



  1. mmmm yum!! that looks so delicious. we only have a couple places in our area. the main one is yogen fruz and they are pretty standard, they don't put toppings on it or anything! :(

  2. Mmm I love Yogurtland, but I haven't seen one out here in AZ since moving here, well I saw one once on the way home from the airport but there isn't one near us.
    I found this one frozen yogurt bar that was really good and they just opened. I have no idea where we were or what it was called but it was delicious!

    I normally get the original tart, green apple (if they have it), and blueberry. As for toppings I always get mochi (yum), strawberries, and blueberries. I love frozen yogurt. I've been hooked on it ever since I first tried it and now I barely ever eat ice cream.

  3. We have Yogurt Mountain here in Alabama. Cheesecake yogurt with strawberries on top!

  4. I am sorry I didn'r get to talk with you today. I was very glad to see you and we should get coffee and visit when it is not so crazy. (:

  5. They look so good! And you're GENIUS for mixing pumpkin spice and coffee! I would have NEVER thought to do that. Amazing!

  6. Carly- no toppings? that's awful!

    Jazmyn- I love mochi!

    Autum- That sounds amazing!

    Rikki- It was very nice to see you as well, and I know that you were busy girl :] We should definitely get coffee sometime in the near future!

    CA- Haha thanks girl :]