September 22, 2010

Hi Fall /// I'm Back!

Welcome Fall, I am so glad that you are finally here.

On another note, I am so sorry that I have been MIA the last few days. With a mixture of flu like symptoms, stomach pain, and heartburn, a girl doesn't want to do much. I've been barely making it to school, and even had to leave my internship early yesterday (sadly). However, today I am feeling much better (even though that pesky stomach pain is still lingering around) and I WILL do those things I haven't felt well enough to do the last few days i.e. blog, get things ready for class today, and eat breakfast.

Now, on a lighter note, my mom decided to Google me last night and easily found my Twitter and decided to recite all of my tweets to me (I'm pretty sure I had someone do something similar early in the day i.e. Colin from SPM). Lets just say that I was slightly embarrassed...

Ok, time to get ready for class and celebrate the first day of Fall!

Hope you all have a lovely day!


  1. Welcome back! Glad you're feeling better :)

  2. I'm so glad you are back and feeling better! Being sick in bed is the worst. :/ Fall is my favorite season!! So excited to see the leaves change color.

  3. Get back on the blogging train, so that I can creep more on your blog :D

  4. AJ- Thank you so much! That means a lot to me :]

    Jada- Agreed! Thanks for the sweet wishes though<3 Oh, and I wish the leaves changed around here, but they really don't (sadly) :/

    Colin- Oh geeez.

  5. Aw that sucks, I hope that the stomach pains go away! Flu-like symptoms are no fun.

  6. oh i'm in the same boat girly...i had a test this morning, went to school to do it and then came right home and slept for 9hrs during the day...i feel so terrible. i could barely get up to check blogs. barely. but i managed! anyway, i hope you are feeling loads better :) it seems to be that time of year for everyone...

  7. flus = TERRIBLE, cute moms = ADORABLE. :) Totally sounds like something my mom would do. Get some rest, C!

  8. I had no idea you were ill but then again you haven't been on Twitter so that explains it! ;)

    I hope you feel better. Sending you good thoughts!