September 6, 2010

Kodak Duaflex-First Few Shots

I can't believe its taken me so long to mention that I bought a Kodak Duaflex II. I have been on the hunt for one of them for a few months now, and I was lucky enough to find out at a local antique mall for a mere $20.

When I first got the camera Scott and I spent a few hours playing around with it. I had fun taken photos of the view-finders image:

We even made a contraption so we could make our own Ttv photos.

Since school and my internship started I haven't had much time to play with it, but I hope to devote some time to it soon and take more pretty photos. It feels really great to have such a neat piece of camera history in the palm of my hands.



  1. new cameras are always fun! Take lots of photos Chelsea :)

  2. Fun! Another thing you could do is still use it as a regular camera, just put 120 film in it. (I've done that, it looks nice, they're the photos I took here: It's a Brownie Reflex, but you look down through a view-finder, too.) The nice thing about old cameras is since they weren't very high-tech, they still mostly work. :)

  3. neat!! i just got a new camera as well and can't wait to get out there and take photos with it!!

  4. I LOVE mine! It's definitely an addicting hobby!

  5. What kind of film does it take? I have an Argus Argoflex twin lens and can't master it!