September 13, 2010

New Shoes for Fall

During Fashion Night Out last Friday I bought the loveliest pair of shoes.

For ages I have wanted a pair of Sperry Top Siders, and lately I have been thinking that they would be the perfect shoes for Fall. Now, I know top siders are generally called "boat shoes" and seem to be more popular in Summer, but I just feel that they are a classic pair of shoes, and in dark leather they are fit for Fall. I also bought them as a replacement for my beloved Minnetonka moccasins, as I feel that they look a little more professional (ya know, because I'm an intern at a newspaper!) than my well loved moccs (Scott agrees). I would however like to purchase a new pair of moccs for Fall from Katie, because her's are just the loveliest, and the fact that they are handmade warms my heart.

What is your must-have piece for Fall?



  1. I love your boat shoes! I think they are classic :)

  2. Those are lovely Chelsea! I know what you mean abuot Katie's moccasins. If my October craft show is a super success they may just be my reward purchase. Ohhhh goodness I hope that show goes well!

    I added your blog button to the blog love section of my site:)

  3. cute! my roommate always wore those! my items for this fall are my pair of thrifted doc martens and a vintage wool flannel shirt. i'm really getting into the grunge look.

  4. aw. mikey has those exact same ones, but in the boy version and he loves them! i almost bought the girl version but thought we might look lame in matching shoes (part of me thought it would be cute, it was mainly him that thought it'd be lame haha!) either way, i love sperrys & want a pair for myself!

  5. Those are some pretty awesome shoes.

  6. great shoes! I really like them...

    in my country you can never wear close shoes at this time, it's full summer! so I don't really think about pieces for the fall... (;

  7. My roommate loves her Sperrys! She wore the same pair for almost 4 years. And she seriously wears them almost every day. So, you'll definitely get a lot of wear out of them!

    I think my must have piece for fall is my oversized cardigan. Can't wait to pull that baby out!

  8. Love these! They would be so cute to have matching as bf/gf :) Does Scott have any?

    My favorite fall item is my Minnetonkas. I'm wearing them today!

  9. so cute! I've been looking for a cute pair of boat shoes or moccasins and I can't find any!

    i love yours! :) x

  10. love those shoes.

    my go to's are:
    flannel shirts
    tall boots
    boyfriend cardigans


  11. Good for you! Sperrys are classic.