September 26, 2010

A Night in Downtown Mesa

Friday night Scott and I went on a little adventure to downtown Mesa. We went there with the hope that something would be going on i.e. street fair, art showing, etc., however we went got there all we found open was The Underground where some hardcore show was going on, a local bakery/frozen yogurt shop called Sweetcakes, and of course the Mesa Arts Center.

Since there wasn't much to do we decided to take a little walk through the arts center and snap a few pictures.

The Mesa Arts Center was built when I was still in high school and holds monthly art classes, plays/concerts, and gallery showings. I feel like we are pretty lucky in this area to have an arts center in almost every surrounding town (the Tempe Arts Center is about a ten minute drive in the other direction for me), and hopefully soon Scott and I will be able to participate in an art class or two.

The arts center is made up of a few different buildings, with a courtyard area in the middle. I thought the above view of a hanging sculpture in one of the art galleries was just too pretty. Hopefully soon we'll be able to go to the arts center during the day and check out all the different shows going on there right now.

The arts center is filled with all different kinds of designs, and interesting lights. This staircase is by far one of my favorite features of the center, and is so fun to climb up.

One of the arts center's most popular features is the color changing light walls that are placed throughout (courtyard and street view areas). I remembering coming to the arts center when I was younger and taking pictures with old friends in front of the light walls. This time around Scott and I couldn't really resist taking a few fun photos:

Lately we've been trying to figure out some new fun activities to do on our nights off, and visiting the Mesa Arts Center was definitely a good pick (and somewhere we hope to visit again soon).



  1. I'm definitely going to have to visit here one day! :)

    Little Sugar Monster

  2. Sometimes wandering to a place with no definite plans makes the best kind of night! Those pictures are too cute! It looks like that art center is a lot of fun. We have a huge statue that changes colors and it projects onto all of the walls surrounding it. I love it! :)

  3. That place looks like a great place to visit. I am in LOVE with the staircase! All the pictures are just too cute :]

  4. those silhouette photos are adorable!

  5. Jazmyn- You should! It's so fun!

    Jennifer- Thank you! :]

    Claggie- Ah, that sounds like a lot of fun! You should take pictures sometimes!

    Jada- Oh, the staircase is my favorite part! Thanks girl<3

    CA- Thank you :]

  6. wow. it looks so pretty! the silhouettes are awesome. looks like you two had fun!

    and thanks for the tip about the mustard yellow flowers, i should get on that!

  7. Those silhouette pictures are gorgeous! Wow! Wandering nights are the best! :)

  8. I just stumbled upon your blog-(FAB) and saw this post about Mesa! It is sad that nothing is open in the evenings... (including us)- it is just too quiet- maybe someday things will change.
    We own FOUND and Domestic Bliss in downtown Mesa- we think you might like it! Come in and visit us someday if you are in Mesa again! (Open Tues- Sat 10-5)