September 1, 2010

Today, & a Giveaway Winner

To be honest, this is how I felt today. Stomach issues, school stress, and a broken air conditioner can do that to a girl. Tomorrow though is a new day and I have positive thoughts for it in mind. I plan on getting my morning coffee from one of my favorite shops, having a good day at my internship, and eating dinner at Green. Promise for some cute photos to make up for the lack of ones the last few days.

In other news, time to announce the CuCuCo giveaway winner!

And the winner is: Carol Anne!

Congrats Carol Anne! Please email your address and I will pass it along to Rachel!

Night, sleep tight.


  1. i hope today is a better day for you miss chelsea! i too will be joining you in tummyache and school stress land soon. you're not alone,

  2. Carly- Thank you so much :] Your sweet words mean a lot of me. However, I hoped you're not faced with the same, and that you can avoid the tummy aches and school stress<3

  3. ahhhh hope your day gets better!

  4. Hey friend. I hope your day got better. Be happy cause you are the best!

  5. I found this today and thought of you :)