September 7, 2010

Urban Cookies V 2.0

Last week I blogged about a local cookie/cupcake spot called Urban Cookies for my Downtown Dispatch blog. I thought I would share a few more photos here, as well as tell you about the great time Scott and I had there.

Urban Cookies is a retro cookie/cupcake shop in downtown Phoenix, AZ that offers some of the best cupcakes in the valley.

They have all of their cookies and cupcakes on display in cute jars and cake stands in their tiny front room.

While there Scott and I had a really hard time deciding on what to get, but we ultimately ended up with a cookie ice cream sandwich, and a vanilla bean cupcake. We were both really happy with our choices, and almost considered buying more cookies to take home (they are seriously so good).

With prices from $1.79-1.99 it's hard to pass up these delicious cupcakes and cookies (in my book the cupcakes were better then Sprinkles, and less expensive-WIN). I'm already planning my trip back so that I can try out the yummy Fall flavors that they just introduced.

Have you been to any neat cookie or cupcake shops lately?



  1. I've never seen this place before. I'm definitely going to have to try it one day when I'm in a mood for good cupcakes lol.

    I have a question for you though since you seem to know Phoenix pretty well. Are there any Boba (Bubble Tea) places in/near central/downtown Phoenix that you know of? I guess you could say I live in central Phoenix and I've found it to be a complete mission to find Boba here. :(


  2. Jazmyn-I've heard of a place in Arcadia that has boba, some little mom and pop cafe. The only boba places that I know of are you in Mesa, and Chandler though. Sorry I couldn't help more girl!

  3. Those look delicious, and the prices are great! We have a neat little drive-thru cafe here that I enjoy, but it's not this cute.

  4. Yeah we drove all the way to Chandler for some one time. It was really good, just far lol.
    Also I found that cupcake shop today! On the way home from the hospital I passed it on 7th street. =P

  5. that place looks baller. my favorite cupcake place is tee & cakes in boulder, co. :)

  6. I'm so jealous that you have all of these awesome places so close to you! We don't have a whole lot in my city.