September 12, 2010

Vegan Bake Sale

Yesterday I went to a vegan bake sale with my friend Gina. I bought $12 in vegan baked goodness for Scott and I to share.

The bake sale was at Loveland Boutique in Tempe, AZ, but it's connected to a cute coffee shop where Gina and I opted to grab a seat and enjoy our baked goods.

While there I also saw my friend Rikki, who helped put the bake sale together. Gina I bought the last two vegan donuts that Rikki made, and ate them while chatting about school, our guys, and sipping iced chai and iced tea.

Have you ever tried vegan pastries? If so, what's your favorite kind?



  1. I remember in my philosophy club at high school, this girl brought in vegan brownies, and they were to die for!

  2. That sounds wonderful! Never had any before...hopefully I'll get to try some soon.

  3. and to answer your question about the coffee in Boston: I unfortunately haven't hit up the coffee shops quite yet! There's a coffeemaker in my dorm, and that's keeping me happy. I'll be sure to visit some VERY soon :]

  4. oh yay for donuts! I hope you enjoyed them, and i spy my pecan shortbread bars in there. those were super yummy i almost didn't bring them so i cold eat them all. (: