October 22, 2010

Anniversary Weekend: Part 1

As mentioned in previous blog posts, this Sunday is Scott and I's four year anniversary. Almost exactly four years ago he swept me off my feet with his gentleman ways, and huge heart. To celebrate this momentous occasion, Scott has taken the entire weekend off (first one off since he came to visit me in Colorado in the beginning of July) and we have planned a weekend of fun.

First up (well, second if you count my surprise that I will share later) was a trip to Modern Burger.

Modern Burger is a tiny burger shack inside the Scottsdale mall. The shack is a part of Modern Steak, a semi-fancy restaurant that caters to the high-end crowd that goes to the mall. Usually every time we go shopping in this area we walk by Modern Burger and wonder how good it really is. So for our special weekend we decided to have a little lunch date there.

Modern Steak is the room to the right, complete with fancy furniture and a pretty ceiling.

Modern Burger has five things on their menu: burger sliders, french fries, turkey salad, ice cream sandwiches, and drinks.

Scott and I decided to go with the burger sliders (I usually don't eat burgers, but figured these were mini and extra yummy-so I went for it), french friends, passion fruit iced tea, and a shared ice cream sandwiches.

Overall, the food was very good and very filling. The ice cream sandwich we shared was made out of oatmeal cookies, and granny smith ice cream (seriously amazing). If you're ever in the area and feel like getting some quick and delicious, I highly suggest Modern Burger.

What do you have planned for this weekend?


  1. Oatmeal cookie and granny smith ice cream?! That sounds amazing! Happy Anniversary to you and Scott! Congrats, lady!

  2. That icecream sandwich looks absolutely AMAZING. So jealous! Congrats on 4 years :)

  3. oh wow, I am now desperate for an ice cream sandwich :I happy anniv to you darlings!

  4. Stephanie- It was so good! And thank you so much, that really means a lot to us :]

    Kristi- Thank you so much! We're so happy<3

    Saving- Haha, hope you get one soon! Thank you :]

  5. Those little burgers are so addictive!!!