October 30, 2010

Birthday Dinner Date

Thursday was Scott's 22nd birthday and to celebrate we went out to one of our favorite pizza places and took a walk around Cityscape in downtown Phoenix.

We went to Cibo in downtown were they have the best non-traditional pizza. For dinner we had a pesto salad, complete with greens, pine nuts, potatoes, and pesto sauce, and we also shared the special pizza of the night, which had mushrooms, truffle oil, no sauce, and a cheese that I can't recall now.

Our meal was excellent, and it was great to celebrate Scott's birthday there. Back in May we had my birthday dinner there as well. I feel a tradition coming on!

After dinner we decided to check out the Lucky Strikes bowling alley that just opened a few weeks ago at Cityscape, a newly built shopping center, in downtown. After roaming around for a bit we found the upstairs entrance and took a look around. The wait for a lane was about 30 minutes (they only have about 10 lanes) and since it was closing in on nine 'o'clock and somebody (ME!) forget her entire wallet with her ID in it, they would have to kick me out soon because I couldn't prove I was over 21 (I really don't think the doorman believed when I said I'm 22). In the end we decided not to wait for a lane and come back another evening where we could stay as late as we want. I feel pretty silly for having forgotten my wallet, since it is something I never ever leave home without.

In a few short days they are opening an Urban Outfitters in downtown. I am thrilled that I am now going to have one so close to me (I can walk there in a few short minutes from my school), but I'm worried that having it so close will do some serious damage to my wallet. The building they are putting it in is brand new and has the most lovely light display in their window.

Overall, I believe Scott had a pretty great birthday, and I'm so happy that I was able to make it special for him. He always does so many nice things for me, and it felt so good to be able to do something nice for him.

What do you usually do on your birthday? Do you have a certain restaurant that you like to go to every year?


  1. Aww, happy belated birthday to Scott! That pizza looks really yummy.

    The new building looks gorgeous! I love those huge windows.

  2. oh I'm glad he enjoyed his birthday! I usually stay in during my birthdays since my mom likes to keep it traditional, with the family and all. But the boyfriend's birthday is always celebrated with a nice dinner in this japanese resto we like to frequent xD

  3. Kenoshia- Thank you! The new building is amazing and I'm so excited to have an Urban so close to me!

    Saving- Birthdays are a great time to spend with family! :]