October 13, 2010

By the Lake

Last weekend Scott and I took a walk along Tempe Town Lake. For all of you who don't live in the Phoenix Metropolitan area, Tempe Town Lake is a manmade lake is held together by a dam. Back in July a part of the dam broke, and thus the lake went bye, bye.

On the very same day that we went for our walk, the city of Tempe started re-filling the lake (they recently fixed the part of the dam that broke). It was kind of neat seeing the water being pushed back into the lake, and to slowly start to see it come back to life.

While there Scott also shot a few outfit photos for me (he's such a great guy).

Sunglasses: Ray Bans
Shirt: Levi's
Jeggings: Levi's
Sandals: Salt Water Sandals
Socks: c/o We Love Colors

Not that long ago I received this lovely pair of maroon socks from We Love Colors, and instantly began planning on how to wear them. Well, since it is still pretty warm in Phoenix, and I didn't want to wear them with shorts, I decided to do a fashion faux pa and wear them with my Salt Water Sandals. I actually really liked the way that they looked, and definitely want to wear them with a cute skirt and oxfords next time around.

During our walk Scott and I also spotted a fun viewfinder that we had never seen before, right by the old train tracks, and the new light rail tracks.

Do you have a lake, or a man-made lake in your town? Do you ever take a boat out on it, or go swimming in it (I would NEVER swim in Tempe Town Lake; it's so dirty!)?



  1. pretty photos. i dig your fashion faux pas, i think it adds that little bit of something something to your outfit. nothing wrong with socks and sandals...well, there can be for sure haha but not with your look!

    we definitely have lakes nearby. i live in the country...well, it is considered the country in comparison to toronto as lots of people have cottages here where i live, it is still a city though. haha anyway i'm blabbing. yes, lots of lakes and lots of sweet swimming lakes as well. it's so wonderful having places to go like that and to hike and swim and enjoy the outdoors; i love it!

  2. that is such a cute socks and sandals combination!! i'm from minnesota (land of 10,000 lakes) so there is never a lack of water related activities. however it's cold up here and the lakes aren't warm for long. :/

  3. Aaaaw, love your sandals and socks <3

    Great pictures at all!

    xo, Mel


  4. Your blog makes me realize that I need to get out more often lol.

    Little Sugar Monster

  5. I think the socks w/ sandals is cute!!

  6. You would think driving over the bridge to ASU 4 days a week I would notice they started to refill the lake but I didn't haha. Nonetheless yay!! Time for Fall/Winter fun. We must go to the boat parade etc.

  7. That outfit is soooo cute! I love it. I love the rollled up jeans and the cute colored socks! I'm also a sucker for stripes :) There are a few lakes around me and I looove boating/swimming. It's starting to get a little too cold for that here now, but I looove it!

  8. I love the colored socks with sandals!

    As for lakes, they gross me out. In the ocean, water is constantly moving, and I know that it is in lakes too, just more subtly, but I still won't swim in them. Boating is fun, I just won't take the plunge.

  9. Pretty post :) I know people swim in the lake for triathlons and such, but ICK. Not for me.

    Love your outfit!!

  10. Carly- Thank you for your support! Also, all the lakes around you sound amazing :]

    Liz- Thank you! Sorry that the lakes don't stay warmer :/ I've never been to Minnesota, but would love to visit some day!

    Mel- Thank you so much :]

    Jazmyn- Awh, haha! You totally should!

    Liz- Thank you!

    Gina- Yes, I would love to go with you this year! :]

    Claggie- Thank you so much for the sweet comment! Your lake activities sound fun! I really wish I lived near some nicer water :]

    Electrispiel- Lakes can gross me out as well! Especially the ones around here!

    Kara- Not for me either haha. And thank you so much :]

    Alycia- Awh, thank you! I just took a peek at your blog and think it's darling! I have a lot of friends that live up in your area :]