October 5, 2010

An Evening at Hanny's

Two Saturdays ago Scott and I went out for my friend Erica's 21st birthday at Hanny's in downtown Phoenix. Neither Scott, nor I have ever been to Hanny's but from what we had heard it seemed like a pretty hip place.

After parking in my garage for ASU (that parking spot seriously come in handy so much), we walked the few short blocks to Hanny's to be greeted by Erica in a pretty blue party dress.

We sat a a long table in the dining area with Erica, a few of her work-mates, and fellow SPM'ers, and ate salad and pizza (Scott and I shared), and admired the strange "tongue couch" that were were sat next to.

Hanny's is famous for having super unique bathrooms, so of course I had to climb the stairs to the second floor, walk passed the second bar, and through the mirrored wall room, only to end up a in another large room with six or so doors on each side. At this point I was not sure which one to go in, as the only door that was marked was the mens room, but after a lady came up and opened one of the other six doors, I knew it was ok to just walk into one.

Hanny's is also famous for their elevator shaft. From the first floor you can walk into the shaft, and walk onto it's see through floor. For myself it was kind of terrifying being able to see all the way down to the bottom of the building, and all the way up for that matter. I literally felt like I was going to fall through the floor. It's safe to say that I didn't however, and can report that it's all just a fun party trick.

The gang:

Scott, Erica, myself, Jessica, and Colin.

Scott and I will definitely be going to Hanny's again in the future.


  1. Sounds like fun darling loads of fun!! You look charming glad you had fun♥

  2. I love Hanny's! Great martini's too :)

  3. that would be SO cool to see under you like that, for me anyways. how fun & unique!

  4. haha unique bathrooms, never heard of the place! Looks like you had fun though!
    ps. I wanna see pictures of you with the headband soon :D

  5. Diana- Thanks girl!

    Ashley- I've heard they have good drinks :]

    Cal- It was pretty neat!

    Jada- Promise to post a photo soon! :]

  6. Hanny's is my go-to restaurant whenever I have friends in town or I want to show people who live in our outlying areas the downtown scene. The food is good, drinks are even better and the music is always just right. The asparagus and egg, a St Germaine (or two) and a group of friends is always a perfect night in my book. Looks like the tradition with your friends is starting!