October 12, 2010

Frances Boutique /// TOMS Giveaway Winner

A few weeks back I entered a contest on the Frances tumblr page. In honor of TOMS shoes giving away their one millionth pair of shoes, Frances decided to give away one pair of TOMS shoes to a lucky reader. In order to enter, all you had to do was email Frances and tell them one good thing that you would do for the city of Phoenix (big or small).

After seeing this I immediately emailed Frances and told them about my ASU blog, Downtown Dispatch, as well as Tea Talk, and how I am trying weekly to promote Phoenix and get my readers to go out and try new places in the area.

Lucky for me, Frances liked my answer best and picked me as the winner. In the spirit of giving, I decided that I wanted to give Scott the new pair of TOMS (his current were on their last run!).

Recently, Frances kindly featured Scott and I on their blog, and if you are looking at this as a suggestion from their page, hello and thank you so much for stopping by!

Last week Scott and I went to Frances to pick out his new TOMS. He ended up really liking a pair of grey Cordones, so he paid the difference and we went on our extremely happy way.

Really quickly I just want to say thanks again to Frances for such a great opportunity, and for always supporting Phoenix like they do!

If you're ever in central Phoenix, I highly suggest stopping by Frances and checking out all of their really cute clothing, accessories, and home goods. Don't forget to stop at Smeeks right down the way (their other store) for some good old fashion candy!



  1. I love Frances and Smeeks... and your earlier post about Matt's made me super hungry!

  2. Ashley- Thank you :]

    Celine- So do Scott and I! Oh, and sorry haha Matt's food is the best!