October 23, 2010

In Honor of Love

This morning Scott and I took a little trip to the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art (SMoCA). This was a returning visit for Scott, but my first time visiting the SMoCA. We have been talking about visiting this museum for ages now, so when we knew Scott would have a Saturday morning off we thought it would be the perfect time to drive down to the museum and take a walk through.

After roaming around the museum and looking at almost every piece in their collection, we headed out and walked toward the giant LOVE sculpture that sits in a lovely park in Scottsdale.

I've had this place in mind for outfit photos for awhile now, but figured today was the best day to take photos in front of it, what with major love in the air around these parts (hello four year anniversary).

The LOVE sculpture is iconic, and can be seen in a few others cities in the country. I feel lucky to have one so close to us.

On the eve of our anniversary I have to say that I am so incredibly in love, and I am so thankful for Scott and his love. He is the kindest, most artistic, loving, caring, unique person I know, and I am more than thrilled to be spending the rest of my life with him.

My outfit for today was pretty simple and classic. I'm a sucker for a good white shirt, cardigan, and jeans.

Sunglasses: Ray Bans
Cardigan: Gift from my mom
Shirt: Levi's
Jeans: Levi's
Flats: Ruby and Bloom

Today my hair was a little bit of a frizzy mess. I have naturally straight hair, but when I leave it in a bun over night and take it out the next day it generally is pretty wavy and stays that way until I wash it. I usually enjoy this messy, wavy kind of look, but some days it can be too much for this straight haired girl.

Scott was wearing his beloved Sperry's today, as well as a shirt from H&M, Quicksilver jeans, and Ray Ban sunglasses.

Today was overall a wonderful day. Breakfast together, museum mini-date, photoshoot, lunch date at Slices, homework, dinner together at home, The Social Network at our favorite local movie theater.

What did you do today? Do you have a LOVE sculpture in your town?



  1. I love your hair!

    and Happy Anniversary!!

  2. what kind of levis do you have?

  3. your hair is to die for!!! happy anniversary! cute pics :)

    if you have some spare time, drop by my blog!

  4. I feel like that LOVE is bigger than the one in Philly.

  5. Holy smokes girl! Your hair is to die for! Consider me jealous.

  6. Cute outfits! I would love to have a love statue, but we don't :P

  7. Love the sculpture! The pics came out great!

  8. Vanessa- Thank you!

    Autumn- Thank you so much :]

    Liz-They are jeggings!

    Annebeth- Oh, thank you for checking out my blog! I think your blog is lovely :]

    Kae Lani- It might be! I've never seen the one in Philly!

    Chantilly- Oh geez, thanks girl :]

    Kenoshia- Wish you had one where you live :]

    Blakenetizen- Thanks!

  9. I love how silky and free your hair looks in that one 'outfit' pic. I follow your blog a lot and you and your man are quite adorable.

  10. Ah! I have one in Philadelphia... honestly, I didn't know there was more than one! Cool!

    PS-Your hair is amazing.
    PPS-Congrats on 4 years!!! :)

  11. you two are so darn cute. i just adore the picture of scott scrunched into the love sculpture.

  12. Yes, the LOVE one is also in Philly near me...def. miss it now that I'm in school. You have the most beautiful hair ever! You two are so cuteeeee.

  13. I adore your hair all wavy like that :)