October 19, 2010

An Interview with Rachael Thomas of Talk2thetrees

Today I have a special treat! Rachael Thomas of Talk2thetrees has graciously agreed to do a little interview with me and talk with me about her blog, shops, and life. I've known of Rachael for about four years now, as she was a college roommate of one of my good high school friends. I remember meeting up with my friend one day while I was in Salt Lake City, and meeting one of her roommates, and wondering why Rachael wasn't there. Hopefully one day we'll have the chance to meet in real life!

Also, I did a little interview for Rachael as well and it is being featured on her blog today. So, please stop by Rachael's blog and check it out! Ok, on to the interview...

Tell us a bit about yourself:

My name is Rachael Thomas from Talk2thetrees blog. I am a huge nature lover and I talked to trees when I was little, I still do. I am also a huge art lover as well. I was going to school for fine art but took a hiatus when I got married. I had plans to continue school, but my husband's job has us moving all over the country every couple of months. If it weren't for us moving so much I never would have opened my two shops on Etsy, Talk2thetrees where I make and sell hats and Tree Talker where I sell artwork and prints. My husband is extremely supportive of my creativity, which is good because it can be very spontaneous and random. When I feel like making something, it needs to get started right away. I'm currently living in Little Rock Arkansas, but I have lived in 6 different states in the last two years. I love to travel and I hope to see the whole world some day.

2. Tell us a bit about your blog.
I started blogging way before I was married. It started out as just a place for me to write about college and vent about roommates and homework. That only lasted about a month or two and the blog lay forgotten. Last November
I deleted all old negative posts and started fresh.
I began blogging a bit more about my artwork and my hats, then in April I started blogging almost everyday. I blog about art, traveling, nature, my shops and all sorts of pretty things. I no longer complain on it, in fact I try to never post anything negative. I post inspirational quotes and beautiful things, I hope to inspire others, if not just myself.

3. What is your favorite part of blogging?
My favorite part about blogging is probably all the people I get to meet.
I move so much so I don't get to make many friends, it gets pretty lonely. I love sharing with other people and through blogging I have learned so much from others. My blog helps me feel less lonely.

4. Are there any blogs that you visit daily?
I visit a lot of blogs, some of my favorites are NieNie Dialogues, Color Me Katie, and Facehunter.

5. What do you do when you're not blogging?
When I'm not blogging I can usually be found painting pictures, knitting hats or making all sorts of things. I wear silly hats often and take lots of pictures. I cook delicious dinners, go on adventures through the woods, play with my silly puppy and my smelly kitty, and occasionally clean the house. I normally end up blogging about all of that, except the cleaning part. It's very rare.

6. Do you have any advice for new bloggers?
Blog often and be positive. The biggest turn off for me when I visit a blog is too much negativity. I also love lots and lots of pictures!

Thanks so much for having me Chelsea!
Check out my blog, my hats, and my art.

Thanks so much for doing this interview Rachael! I hope everyone will check out Rachael's blog, and all of her shops! She is a lovely lady, and really deserves your support!


  1. Aw thanks so much! By the way.. your feature is now up, for some reason... the auto thing didn't work! Bahhh lameness. But I fixed it! :)

  2. Thank you Rachael! Both posts look great! So excited about this :]

  3. Rachel - The Etsy shop looks great! Love the hats! Espcially the doggy ones. how freaking cute!

    Thanks for sharing with us, Chelsea! :)

  4. Sylvia- Glad you liked the interview :]

    Paige- So do I! Rachael is such a doll!