October 7, 2010

Lunch at Matt's Big Breakfast

Yesterday afternoon Scott came down to my school in downtown (he always does this for me; I have such a great guy) and we had lunch together at Matt's Big Breakfast.

For those of you non-local readers, or just haven't heard about it, Matt's Big Breakfast is an amazing breakfast and lunch diner in downtown Phoenix. Matt's serves some of the best food in town, and usually the placed is always packed (the diner probably holds 30 people at max.).

Last time Scott and I went to Matt's we were super lucky and just walked right in and sat down at a table, no 45 minute wait or anything. Well, fortunately this time we were very lucky again and got a table right away.

While waiting for our meals Scott and I shared a cup of coffee, and talked about what we had going on at school. Scott and I each do very different things at school, he's studying art, I'm studying journalism, but someway we always seem find ways that they relate.

Matt's definitely has a 1950's theme going on with their decor, and I always find it so charming every time we go in there.

For lunch Scott got a pesto chicken sandwich (his favorite thing to eat is pesto), and I got the egg salad sandwich. Both meals also came with a large portion of kettle chips (neither of us could finish them all).

I find that going on lunch dates like this always helps my long school days go by quicker, and also be more enjoyable. I truly love getting away, even just for a few minutes or an hour, and getting a bite to eat with my love.

Do you go on lunch dates often? What's your favorite place to go?


  1. Adorable lunch date photos! I love the red and whites together. I looove lunch dates, but I don't get to go on them often. I went to Chicago because my boyfriend's band had a show up there on Saturday and we grabbed some lunch at a cute diner while we were there. It was incredibly nice. We went to the Chicago Diner, an awesome vegetarian place. It was delicious!

  2. that food look so yummy! annnd i want to trade hair with you. xo.

  3. Funny! My boyfriends fave thing to eat is pesto as well :))) What a cute little lunch date!<3

  4. cute pictures! you guys look so happy... and that decor is amazing!

  5. The place looks so cute! I love the retro decor, and I'm hungry so the photos of food don't help :P

  6. Claggie- Going on a trip to Chicago sounds amazing! I've never been and desperately want to go! :] Glad you got to have a lunch date with your man!

    Miss James- Awwwh, well I want to trade my clothes for yours! You have such style pretty lady :]

    Liz- Awh, thanks girl! We are very happy :]

    Diana- Hahah sorry! Eat something yummy :]

  7. just discovered you. YOUR HAIR IS AMAZING.


  8. super cute diner. your sandwiches are making my stomach growl!

  9. Ravi's favorite thing to eat is pesto, too! That place looks so cute! And your food looks super yummy! I wish we had more small local places to eat! There are some that are really delicious, but most aren't too veggie friendly! Boo!

  10. sad, sad navel-gazing when private moments become a source for what you are now - 'content providers'