October 15, 2010

My Girl Thursday

A few weeks back I was going through a rough time- stressed out, sick, overwhelmingly busy. Well, I don't really like to sending out negative energy into the blogosphere, and twitter world, but at some point I remembered I just caved and said on Twitter how crappy I had been feeling. Lucky for me, I was greeting with the kindest thoughts from some of my Twitter friends, and also a really sweet tweet from Chantilly of My Girl Thursday saying that she wanted my address because she was going to send something my way.

I was overwhelmed with her kindness, and couldn't wait to see what she had up her sleeve. Well, two days ago I received a fairly large package from Canada. What I found inside was one of Chantilly's beautiful chalkboard totes that I've been eyeing for quite some time now.

The tote is seriously perfect, and fits everything I could ever need. It's also made out of the most beautiful vintage fabric (inside and out). I didn't have any chalk handy, but will be finding some soon so I can draw something pretty on the chalkboard fabric.

Yesterday I wore:

Cardigan: Target
Shirt: Unknown
Chalkboard tote: My Girl Thursday
Jeggings: Levi's
Boat Shoes: Sperry's

Yesterday was a work day. I am currently working on three different articles for the newspaper I intern at, and I heard that one of my other articles was going to be featured on the front page today.

After work Scott and I went to see Life As We Know It with my parents. I really enjoyed the movie, and was surprised at how heartfelt it was.

Today I have a coffee date with a friend in downtown Phoenix, and from there I hope to find a pumpkin patch somewhere and pick up a pumpkin or two.

What are you doing today?


  1. That's so nice of her! What a cute tote-I love her blog too!

  2. Yay for being featured on the front page! And what a thoughtful gift from her! LOVE that vintage fabric print. I hope your weekend is lovely and inspiring!

  3. Ashley- I do as well! She's such a sweetheart!
    PS Know of any good art shows or events going on this weekend? :]

    Rachel- Thank you so much! It will be my second article on the front page and I'm very excited about it! Oh, and thank you! I'm loving the fabric as well! Hope your weekend is wonderful!

  4. what a fun tote! perfect for a writer... you can write down your inspirations right on your bag. :)

  5. A chalkboard bag?! I've never heard of such a thing! I love it & you look adorable as always <3

  6. Tonight we are going to walk around Third Fridays! 2 of Dave's friends have shows. One at Pravus and the other at Parahellion (however you spell it) So we will be around, hope to see you and Scott :)

  7. I really think we have such similar style! Every time that I see one of your outfits, certain articles of my clothing are popping into my mind and I'm thinking, "Oh! That looks like my ..."

    Haha! You're so pretty & I love your posts (:

  8. Thanks for the feature Chelsea! So glad it made your day!

  9. That bag is wonderful - and your shoes are so cute!

  10. Sylvia- Oh, I love that idea! How clever!

    Ashley Gray- Thank you so much! I'm pretty sure Chantilly still has a few in her shop. You should definitely check them out :] Very cute, and affordable.

    Ashley- Oh, that sounds like fun! Sorry we didn't stop by last night. We ended up staying at home and carving pumpkins. Scott didn't want to be out too late because he started work at 5 a.m.

    Chantilly- Thank YOU so much! I love, love, love it~

    Tieka- Awh, thank you! :]

  11. Ooh pumpkins are fun too! Do you cook the seeds? 5am is rough!

  12. Ashley- We didn't, but we still have another pumpkin left so we might :]

  13. you're the cutest!! today i went antiquing...it was lovely even though i only found one treasure (well, i found lots but only bought one!)

    that tote is SO cute and that is SO nice when people do random acts of kindness like that, isn't it? she lives in my town actually and i saw her in 'real life' today outside of my apartment downtown but was too nervous to say anything 'cause she's like blog famous! haha.

  14. Carly- It was the sweetest of Chantilly to sending me the tote! It really made my day :]

    Also, you saw her and didn't say hi? Oh no! She seems like the nicest person, and I would totally say hi to her! Don't be nervous girl :]

  15. You and your blog are so absolutely delightful. I'm happy that Rachel featured you on her blog! :)