October 21, 2010

A peek into my home life: dinner for two

This evening Scott made us the most lovely dinner. Lately we really haven't had much time to cook together (one of my favorite things), but tonight we decided to take a little and cook up a storm (well, Scott did, and I helped).

We had:
-breaded eggplant with bruschetta like topping on it
-sweet potato dish made in our ramekins
-bread with olive oil

(Scott bought me those three little pumpkins today as a little surprise. I've been searching for cute little white pumpkins everywhere.)

We also attempted to make cookies, but the mix that we ended up using was too soupy for what we had in mind, so we got this:

Good news, the cookies still tasted delicious with the maple frosting we made, but unfortunately they weren't as pretty as we hoped. Oh well, there's always next time!

Do you and your significant other cook together? What's your favorite thing to make?


  1. We cook all the time! Its one of our favourite things... we always try and make something different. Last time I think it was fajitas, which were soooo good & we're dying to do again. Ryan's not really one for anything sweet though, so dessert is usually not on the menu {boo!} xo

  2. those little sweet potato things in the ramekin sound interesting, do you have a recipe?
    I blogged about food on my blog earlier too, must be a good day for it!
    I love cooking too, and lol the exact thing happened to my vegan choc chip cookies last night, it looked like a tray of cookies more like individual, i guess its all about smaller sizes?

  3. awe you guys are so cute!
    I love cooking with my guy, it's a lot of fun! He is also the cook and I'm the helper or more like the taster ha
    but I am pretty darn good with baking!

    you should post recipes! :)

  4. Emily Anne- No dessert? Oh no! That is our favorite part! Oh, and we try to make new things as well! Breaded eggplant is a big favorite though :]

    Jodie- I don't! Scott adapted it from a recipe that he saw online, but it basically had shredded sweet potato, egg, cheese, onions, oregano, and a maybe one or two more things in it. It was super yummy! Oh, and I'm sorry to hear about your cookies! Vegan chocolate chip cookies are my favorite! :]

    Alny- Thank you so much :] I'm the taster as well haha, but I like it that way. He's such a better cook than I am! Also, I will definitely consider posting recipes :] Thank you for the encouragement!

  5. A man who cooks. Man I wish I had that. haha

    I am definitely the deisgnated cook with my bf. He helps by making salads and he's good at making pre-packaged cookies. haha maybe one day he'll get there but for now I totally don't mind doing the work.

  6. I lovelovelove cooking with Ravi! It's so fun to spend time in the kitchen and definitely makes the meal taste even better! We usually prep together, and he watches the things that are time sensitive...because I tend to burn things a lot! Woops!

  7. those little pumpkins are so cute!

  8. oh I missed my bf's cooking :< we rarely cook. I'm glad you darlings had a wonderful dinner