October 7, 2010

Phoenix Fashion Week

Recently I was invited as a blogger to the Phoenix Fashion Week. This something that I desperately wanted to attend, and with a little help from my friends (it's true!) I was able to get in contact with the right person and landed myself a media pass to all of the events going on during the fashion week(end).

This year there are so many great events, and seminars to attend that I haven't even been able to decide on which ones that I want to go to (in reality I would love to attend them all, but don't think I can capably do that).

I am very excited, and honored to be attending and hope if any of you see me at the shows, that you come up and say hello.

Also, if you have any tips on what I should wear, what I should look out for, which events to attend, or anything else, I would greatly appreciate your insight!



  1. Aww that sounds exciting! I've never heard of this before.

    Little Sugar Monster

  2. Awh, what a blast! Are you going to the designer of the year show on Friday? It's at 9:00 at SMoCA. My friend Tiffe is competing in it. I don't know what I am going to be wearing either :/ Would have liked to make something but don't think I will have enough time!

  3. Jazmyn- You should google them and check out all that is going on!

    Cara-Mia- Thanks girl, I'm very excited about it!

    Ashley- That sounds like so much fun! Do you know how much it costs? I would love to attend! I will see if Scott is up for it! Let me know the info! :]

  4. It's actually free-that's why we are going :) Here is the facebook invite

  5. Ashley- Awesome! Thanks for filling me in :]