October 18, 2010

Pumpkin Patch Fun

This past weekend Scott and I visited a local pumpkin patch in search of a hayride, pretty landscape, and of course, pumpkins. We ended up going to Mother Nature's Farm in Gilbert, a cute little farm that we had never visited before, but passed many times. At the farm they had a pumpkin patch, a hayride, a mini maze, farm animals, and a snack shack.

We first took a little walk around the farm. The farm is pretty tiny compared to most farms that are outside of the city, but definitely was big enough to have some pretty trees and dusty path ways.

Felt fedora: UO
Shirt: Gap
Jeggings: Levi's
Boots: Steve Madden

After wandering around a bit we took a look at the farm animals. They had a few goats, chickens, pigs, etc. They were all definitely cute to look at, but unfortunately we weren't allowed to feed them.

Next, we took a ride on the hayride. We were a little sad because there wasn't actually any hay on the hayride (didn't this happen to Tieka too?), but it was still fun. The area that surrounds the farm consists of industrial buildings, and palm trees, so for awhile we had to pretend our view was more fall farm themed, than busy city living.

After the hayride we stopped by the corn maze, however it was made out of hay bails, so I would call it more of a hay maze, rather than corn maze. Scott was a trouper and went through the maze, while I stood on the sidelines and cheered him on.

And last but not least, we took a little stroll around the pumpkin patch. The patch was a little flooded, so we didn't go too far in, but it was so cute and made me feel like it was finally fall (It's still in the 90's here, can you believe it?).

Going to the pumpkin patch was a lot of fun, and I am definitely looking to Scott and I's trip to another local pumpkin patch with our friends Courtney and Sanford this coming weekend! We plan on picking apples, and I'm hoping to get some hot apple cider this time around.

Have you been to a pumpkin patch yet? What was it like? I would love to hear!


  1. I'm so jealous of how long your hair is!!

  2. I LOVE those boots. And you look beautiful as always. I'm gonna have to search around Vegas to see if we have any pumpkin patches here haha

  3. i just updated my blog with some photos of a pumpkin patch trip... unfortunately i took a bunch of my little cousins -- it was fun, but i think it would be more fun as a date! :)

  4. You guys are the cutest. I loved reading this because we are going on a pumpkin date this week too!!!! xo

  5. geeze!

    oh man.
    these photos are amazing!
    you're so adorable.
    absolutely gorgeous.

  6. Best outfit yet! Love it. And love all of these photos. <3

  7. Jennifer- Awh, haha thanks girl! I've been growing it for years, and years! I don't think I've seriuosly cut it since the I was 14!

    Vanessa- Thank you :] You totally should! I bet there are some neat ones on the outskirts!

    Chelsea- How fun! I'll have to check it out! PS Pumpkin patches are awesome for dates!

    Emily Anne- Awwwh, thank you :] Hope you have fun on your pumpkin date! Can't wait to see pictures!

    Carly- Thank you so much! Scott did an amazing job (he took most of them). :]

    Danielle- Thank you Danielle! I was really feeling the outfit, and had such a fun time running around the pumpkin patch!

  8. Gorgeous photos, the sunshine is so pretty and I love your outfit. I wish we had pumpkin patches here in England! I also love how unchallenging that maze is :)

  9. fabulous photos you guys look so cute! your hair colour is so pretty!

  10. Gorgeous photos! This looks like a perfect day :)

  11. oh gosh you look so so so cute. i love this outfit. it just may be one of my favourites!! i haven't been to a pumpkin patch yet but have been DYING to go and keep bringing it up to my boyfriend. unfortunately neither of us drive so the chances of us getting to one are pretty slim. i'm hoping maybe next weekend though :)

  12. I love your outfit! Why are you so cute?!

    The pumpkin patch is so fun! I love the hay "maze!" It's so funny that it's so short!

  13. oh wow! sounds an amazing experience, and I just fell in love woth your outfit!!

  14. Rosie- The maze was too funny! Oh, and I wish they had pumpkin patches in England as well! I have a feeling they would be beautiful there!

    Vicki- Thank you so much :]

    Kyla- Thank you! It was pretty close to perfect :] My guy + any fall activity makes everything right in my book!

    Liz- Thank you!

    Carly- Awh, thanks Carly! I hope you and your boyfriend are able to make it out to a pumpkin patch this year! Be sure and take pictures if you do :]

    Stephanie- Oh geez, you're too sweet girl! Oh, and the hay maze was my favorite too! He saw right over the whole thing haha

    Saving- Thank you so much!

  15. I'm so jealous! I want to go to a pumpkin patch so bad! I need to find a good one in the Tempe area that I can go to! They've always been one of my favorite October festivities. Looks like you had fun, I love your outfit!

  16. I am loving the golden lighting on these photos!