October 25, 2010

A Trip to Schnepf Farms

Friday Scott and I went on a fall adventure-we went to Schenpf Farms with our friends Courtney and Sanford (they're fiances, and I just love them). For all of you non-locals, Schnepf farms is located about 40 minutes outside of Phoenix, and offers seasonal activities including peach picking, apple picking, various fall themed activities, etc.

This was Scott and I's second time out to the farm, but first time for Courtney and Sanford. I think we were all pretty excited though, because it was a new experience for everyone.

We started with some posed photos on top of the giant hay bail by the front entrance. Behind the bails were smashed pumpkins and rows of newly planted soil (said the little boys that told us not to walk through it to get to the sunflowers-oops!).

On the way in Scott and I also took a iconic head-hole picture (is that what you would call these?). We were a ghost, and a train passenger.

Next, we all took a ride on the 1920's carousel. Generally these rides make me a little woozy, but I think I was definitely able to handle this one because I was more focused on taking cute pictures!

Schnepf Farms also has a large petting zoo, complete with goats, cows, a donkey, etc. We figured our trip would not be complete without a little cute animal sighting.

Scott was very excited about the petting zoo!

They had sweet baby goats, and next to their pen there was a gumball machine full of food pellets to feed them.

Courtney met this cute little guy and decided to give him a treat.

There was also a sweet faced donkey that thought I needed some hand kisses.

They also had a pen with mountain goats in it, and one of the goats (the white one with big beard specifically) apparently really like Sanford and decided to give him a little love by sneezing all over him and biting his pant legs. Oh geez it was funny! What a cute guy the goat was though!

Schnepf Farms also has a mini amusement park area, complete with carnival rides, food stands, and a tennis ball launcher that was a big hit in our group.

Since it was starting to get dark, we figured it would be best to venture through the corn maze before the daylight was completely gone.

The maze we went through was actually a mini maze, compared to the 40 acres maze in the shape of the faces of Faith Hill and Tim McGraw that was on the edge of the farm (we unfortunately didn't have time to go through).

My outfit for the day was:
Cardigan: Frenchi
Button up: Levi's
Jeans: Leavi's
Black Boots: Steve Madden

This was my first time in a corn maze and I really loved it. In Arizona I feel we don't get many chance to experience fall staples such as this, so I was really excited to finally be able to venture through one (after 22 years of life!).

My favorite picture of the evening.

Before the day was over we took a walk through the sea of pumpkins, and decided that our Home Depot bought pumpkins were just as nice (even though one of them already molded over).

After the sun went down we went on a hunt for apple cider (no luck) and went on a hay ride, complete with a chance to feed baby dears.

Overall I had a wonderful time at Schnepf Farms, and feel lucky to have experienced such a wonderful fall themed evening. If you ever have a chance to visit the farm, I definitely suggest that you do!

Did you go to a pumpkin far yet this year? What was it like?


  1. austin and i went to the pumpkin patch yesterday! but the farm looks so much cooler! I would love a trip to somewhere more rural like this!


    i wander, i wonder

  2. oh wow!! looks like you had a wonderful time!! lovely photos, you look super gorgeous!

  3. I have yet to go to a pumpkin farm. Sad. Maybe next year? Anyway, your sweater looks so cozy! Loves it.

  4. Beautiful pictures!
    The last one with the sunflowers is my favorite. Very cute (:

  5. Hey I used to live like 5 minutes from there when I was living with my boyfriend's parents out in Queen Creek. We used to pass by there all the time! I've never actually been though.

    Little Sugar Monster