October 27, 2010

Wreck This Journal Part 1

Awhile back I won a giveaway on the Our City Lights blog, and the prize was a brand new copy of the Wreck This Journal book.

A few weeks ago I received a lovely package from Diana with the book in it, and since then I've been itching to start on it.

On Sunday morning, during our anniversary breakfast outing, Scott and I started working on a few random pages in the book.

The results:

When I saw Scott splashing coffee onto this page I was instantly mortified (who would splash coffee onto a perfectly good book), but then I realized that the page said fling your coffee onto this page and instantly felt ok and accepted that that was just the fun of the game.

Next Scott took a big stomp and jump on the book.

I'm pretty sure he got a few weird looks while he was doing this, we were in the middle of a very busy restaurant.

Next up was poking holes into one of the pages. My fine point pen barely got the job done, but I had fun trying to make it work.

Lastly was the scribble page-we both took turns with three different sharpies and scribbled until we felt like we were done.

So far we're really having a lot of fun with the book. Over the last few years I've spotted this book at my local book stores and have always felt the urge to go forth with breaking the spine of this book, splashing coffee and food on it, and essentially wrecking it my way.

Thank so much again to Diana for giving me the opportunity to "wreck this journal".

Have you ever looked through this book before? What about actually going through and wrecking it?


  1. i love wreck this journal! for one of my best friends i handmade her a wreck this journal, taking some of my favorite pages of the original book and recreating it with a recycle sketchbook. she loves it!

    have fun!

  2. I was looking at your older post ( the one where you are wearing plaid) I see your roots... Do you do your own hair?
    What brand of bleach do you use?
    Is it from sally's???

    Please let me know; I absolutely love your color!

  3. i have this, and i love it! i've done maybe 1/4 of it or so.. very fun.

  4. Everytime I see wreck this journal I want to buy it! It looks sooo funny!

  5. hahaha what a very interesting book that is! but i kinda got hurt in the stomping part xDD

  6. I've never heard of this but I love the idea. Very cool.

  7. OMG I need this in my life! That is SO awesome and creative!<3